DUI Convictions and Their Effect on Car Insurance Premiums

A DUI conviction in Charleston, South Carolina, is serious business. Your insurance company will likely find out about it, and your rates will probably increase. This can go as high as 57%. DUIs show them you’re prone to reckless behavior and accidents, so you’ll pay more to offset that risk.

The more time passes without another incident, your rates may decrease. But a DUI conviction typically stays on your record for 10 years, so you’ll pay higher premiums for a while.

Some companies may not even renew your policy after a DUI. If that happens, you’ll need to find a new insurer, likely a nonstandard company specializing in high-risk drivers.

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How Much Does Car Insurance Cost After a DUI?

Getting a DUI in Charleston, South Carolina, will significantly increase car insurance premiums. How much exactly? According to industry estimates, the cost of full coverage car insurance in Charleston, South Carolina, increases by up to 57% from $108 per year without a DUI to $750 per year with a DUI.

Insurance companies charge more for drivers with a DUI because they consider them at a higher risk of getting into an accident and filing a claim. A DUI stays on your record for 10 years in Charleston, South Carolina, so your rates won’t decrease until it falls off your record.

The best way to lower costs is to compare quotes from different insurers, increase your deductibles, and maintain a clean driving record going forward. With time and safe driving, the impact of a single mistake can fade.

Other Factors That Influence Your Auto Insurance After a DUI

Your auto insurance rates will likely skyrocket when you’re convicted of driving under the influence (DUI). Several factors determine just how much your premiums will increase after a DUI.


Insurance companies consider younger drivers riskier, so your age plays a big role in increased premiums after a DUI. Teen and young adult drivers may face 100% or more premium hikes. Drivers over 25 generally see smaller increases, around 20-50%.

Time Since Conviction

Insurers focus on your driving record over the past 3-5 years. The more time passes after your DUI conviction, the less it will impact your rates. A DUI’s effect on premiums typically starts to lessen after 3 years. After 5 years, some insurers may ignore a single DUI when calculating your rates.

a DUI increases car insurance premiums

Number of DUIs

Multiple DUIs indicate an ongoing issue, so insurers view them very seriously. Someone with 3-4 DUIs can expect their full coverage rates to be 50-100% higher than a driver with one DUI. In some states, multiple DUIs may make you uninsurable for standard policies.

Company Comparison

Every insurer calculates DUI rates differently. Comparing quotes from multiple companies can help ensure you get the most affordable coverage. Some companies specialize in high-risk drivers and may offer lower rates.

Getting Car Insurance After a DUI Conviction

Getting car insurance after a DUI conviction in Charleston, South Carolina, can be challenging, but it is possible. The good news is that even with a DUI on your record, you still have options for coverage so you can get back on the road legally and responsibly.

In Charleston, South Carolina, you must file an SR-22 form to prove you have proper insurance coverage after a DUI offense. An SR-22 is a certificate filed by your insurance company certifying that you have insurance that meets the state’s minimum liability coverage limits.

The effects of a DUI on your auto insurance rates can be frustrating and long-lasting. However, by exploring various options, filing an SR-22, and changing your coverage, you can find car insurance after a DUI and get back on the road. With time and a clean driving record, your rates will decrease again. Patience and diligence will pay off.

Hire an Experienced Charleston DUI Attorney

If convicted of a DUI, one of the biggest consequences you’ll face is skyrocketing car insurance premiums. Insurance companies see you as a high-risk driver and will raise your rates significantly, often by 50-100% or more. The increase depends on your state, driving record, and insurance provider.

Rather than take the hit to your wallet, hire an experienced DUI attorney to fight the charges. Charleston DUI Guy has successfully defended countless DUI cases and can work to reduce or drop the charges against you.

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