What Follows After a DUI Arrest in Charleston

A DUI arrest can be daunting, especially in Charleston, where the laws are strict. You cannot get away with the crime without going through the booking process. The process of DUI arrest in Charleston varies depending on different situations. Before you become overwhelmed, read through this article for information that can help you know what to expect.

Blood Alcohol Content Test

If there has been a vehicle accident before the arrest, then the first step is a medical examination which is done in a hospital. If not, you will be directly subjected to a blood alcohol test at a police station. There is a provision to refuse this test which could lead to the suspension of the driver’s license.

If the blood test shows that your blood-alcohol concentration was 0.15% or higher, your driver’s license will get suspended for six months, and you will then enroll in the Alcohol and Drug Safety Action Program or ADSAP. If you choose not to do the test, your license will get suspended, and you will enroll in ADSAP. To stop the suspension, you can request an implied consent hearing within a period of 30 days.

What Happens to Your Vehicle?

If the arrest was made anywhere outside your home, your vehicle must have definitely been towed away. Keeping the vehicle in legal custody is called impound, and it is imperative to get the car out of impound as early as possible. Contact the concerned people beforehand to know the policies regarding the release of the vehicle. You will have to take some papers with you and the amount needed to pay to get the car released.

Every day the car is in custody, you have to pay an impound rate, and it will cost you a lot of money if the necessary steps are not taken immediately. On top of that, if your license is suspended, you cannot just get the car and drive home. You will need two people with you, one to drive you there and the other to drive your car home.

Importance of Contacting an Attorney

There is an urgent need to contact an attorney once a DUI arrest in Charleston is made. Though you can make a request to contact an attorney before the arrest, the law enforcement officer decides whether to agree to this. The law does not have a guaranteed right that lets you talk to an attorney during the DUI stop.

Once you are released from jail, you can meet an attorney and discuss the case with him. He will be wise enough to decide whether any further investigation is required to collect evidence to support you. This should happen as soon as possible because you may lose the evidence if you wait for too long.

Understand What Is On The Traffic Ticket

Read what is in your traffic ticket to find out the date and time of your trial, along with other details. Consult the attorney if you are not sure of what you are reading. If you got confused and missed appearing for the trial, the case will still be tried, and you will be convicted of DUI.

It is also important to read the papers given by the police to find out if there are other charges against you. The Bail Proceeding Form tells you which court you have to make an appearance in. Reading through the documents also makes you aware of the pending charges. Once you are booked with DUI charges in Charleston, you cannot leave the state of South Carolina without the court’s permission, and it is mandatory to be of good behavior. The Bail Proceeding Form lists some special conditions of release, if there are any.

The State Law Enforcement Division will record your arrest, which doesn’t necessarily mean that you are convicted. Remember that DUI arrest in Charleston will always remain in records whether you are convicted or not. Another point is about the insurance. You would not require SR-22 insurance for your car unless you are convicted of DUI. This is costly insurance, and there is no need to think about it at the moment.

Contact Our Lawyers After a DUI Arrest in Charleston

In situations like a DUI arrest in Charleston, it can be challenging to know what to do immediately and deal with the proceedings. An experienced criminal lawyer can be of great help in doing an investigation on your behalf. He will handle everything legally and build things to your advantage.

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