Prescription Medication: Can It Lead to a DUI Charge?

Yes, people can be charged for driving under the influence (DUI) while taking legal prescription drugs. Thinking of a DUI conviction, most people consider drinking alcohol and driving as the main cause. But, DUIs come in many variabilities, one of which is driving under the influence of medication. Even if they are considered legal, some medicines can have impairing effects identical to alcohol.

It is an eminent fact that driving under the influence of alcohol is illegal, but not many people realize the dangers of driving after taking drugs such as prescription and over-the-counter medications. Many legally obtained and commonly used prescription drugs can affect your ability to drive safely and react quickly in case of an accident.

You require immediate professional help if you are involved in a DUI conviction due to the effects of any prescribed legal drugs.

What Is A DUI Medication?

DUI medications are exclusive drugs prescribed for pain relief, muscle relaxation, or sleep aids. These medicines present similar effects as alcohol. They delay a person’s reaction time, change the dilation of pupils, and can cause indistinct speech.

The precautions mentioned on these medications advise you not to operate any heavy machinery. Especially until you realize the effects they exert on your health. A person taking these medications for a prolonged duration may feel uncomfortable while driving a vehicle. Because of this, the police officers can notice signs of driving under the influence, leading to a Charleston DUI conviction.

Common Prescription Drugs That Cause Impairment

Several prescription medications can cause dizziness, drowsiness, distractedness, or any other impairing side effects. These effects may vary between individuals, leading to different results, including an emulation of the effects of alcohol (for a BAC test):

  • Sleeping pills
  • Painkillers, including opioid and narcotic pain medications
  • Anti-anxiety medications
  • Antidepressants such as benzodiazepines and barbiturates
  • Antihistamines
  • Decongestants

Driving On A Prescription Is Potentially Dangerous

If you are taking prescription drugs, make sure you are fully aware of their influences and ways to respond to them. These drugs could make you exhausted or sleepy. Some people get a sense of ecstasy, and others may feel nauseated.

Most drugs could also make you feel nervous or frazzled, sick to your stomach, or too tired to continue safely. You can also get involved in several on-road accidents with this impairment.

How Drugged-Driving Charges Are Made?

If your driving appears to be impaired, you can be stopped by officers for suspicion of DUI. They will immediately administer roadside sobriety tests like standardized field sobriety tests, blood assessments, or breath tests.

The officer can also request a drug recognition expert to evaluate you. Your blood and urine samples will be taken and verified for substances. It will take several weeks for the results to return, and for you to be charged with a DUI.

Determination of impaired medications in the blood can be a difficult process. These medicines can remain in the bloodstream for days or even weeks after use. Therefore, drug recognition experts are ordered to examine drivers suspected of drugged driving.

These experts try to predict the drug present in your blood at the time of the arrest. The results can be used to build a case against you or protect you from being arrested for a prescription drug DUI when you were not impaired.

If it is found that you were driving while under the influence of prescription medications, you can be charged with a DUI, and suffer only from minor fines and temporary license suspension.

Will Prescription Medication Put Me At Risk For A DUI?

Charleston DUI Laws can charge people on prescription medications for being impaired. You can be convicted of drunk driving, considered working with a restricted controlled substance in your system.

But by proving the medicines to be the cause of impairment, you can lower the DUI charges. That’s why you should seek assistance from an experienced attorney to support your case.

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Drug-related driving arrests in Charleston can be complicated. The situation worsens if the drugs are legally prescribed and taken with the consent of your doctor. You can’t handle these cases on your own. It is essential to acquire guidance and counsel from an experienced attorney.

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