A Brief Insight Into A DUI Conviction In SC

A DUI conviction in South Carolina has more long-term repercussions than you imagine. In SC, even the first-time DUI offense goes into your driving records. This can also get worse if the number of offenses increases.

How Long Does a DUI Conviction Stay on Driving Records in SC?

Even if you are convicted of driving under influence in South Carolina, it can go on your driving records.

If you are proven guilty, the DUI can show in your driving records for up to 10 years. Not only this, but this will also affect the premiums you pay to your auto insurance company. However, if you don’t get another DUI conviction, the premium amount will slowly go down.

Additionally, it should also be known that in SC, any DUI conviction goes to the criminal background check forever if you are proven guilty.

Taking the help of a DUI attorney in SC can prevent you from being convicted of DUI, depending on the circumstances.

How to Reduce DUI Charges in SC?

A good DUI lawyer can help reduce your DUI charges if it is not possible to get them dismissed. Some of these ways include:

Turning DUI to Non-DUI Charge

One way of getting charges reduced is by providing a DUI charge to be a non-DUI traffic offense. This could include being charged for reckless driving instead. However, in SC, even driving recklessly results in a 6-point violation. These points determine the fines you will have to pay. Also, the more points you add to your driving record, the closer you will be to get your driving license suspended.

In SC, gathering 12 points through traffic violations and offenses results in a driving license being suspended. Therefore, a 6-point violation will be too much for anyone to handle. The traffic violation in other states is even worse.

In SC, you commit four points for making a wrong/illegal turn, two or more points for overspeeding, four points for not maintain a proper distance from the vehicle in front of you, and so on.

Getting to the point, turning your DUI charge to a non-DUI one is one option, but not if your traffic violation points are already on the higher side.

Serving Community Service

Another way to reduce DUI charges is if your lawyer requests to exchange your imprisonment time with completing the mandatory community service. Also, with their expertise and experience, depending on your case, they can suggest something better.

Get PTI for DUI Charge

A PTI or Pretrial intervention is a program in SC, especially for first-time offenders. This program acts as a deterrent or rehabilitation program for first-time DUI convicts.

According to this program, a first-time offender who has not pleaded guilty to a DUI charge is eligible for this program. If you have already been convicted of a DUI charge, your lawyer can get you to apply for this program, provided he can turn a DUI charge into a non-DUI charge.

If the prosecution agrees to the same, you can attend the program, and your DUI conviction will be no longer on the scene.

This program needs to be attended at least for 90 days without any violation or non-compliance with the program rules. In case of any program violations and non-adherence to rules, it could also lead to the conviction of criminal charges. Also, you can be a part of the program only once, as the next time to convict an offense, it would be treated as a second-time DUI offense.

So, the three points are pretty interrelated, but these are a few of the ways to get away from a UI conviction in South Carolina.

Why Is Hiring a DUI Lawyer in Charleston Helpful?

Apart from dealing with the circumstances described above, a DUI lawyer in SC can in helpful in multiple ways like:

Questioning the Legitimacy of the Arrest

The police officer who pulled you over suspicion of DUI should be able to provide a valid reason to do so. Therefore, they need to arrest you for a DUI conviction based on clear evidence.

Questioning the Follow-Through of Mandatory Provisions

Before the arrest has been made, the police officer or the arresting officer should comply with the laid down provisions of DUI. A lawyer’s help can help in pinpointing out such minor faults.

Recording of Tests

According to South Carolina DUI laws, the tests performed by the convict should be duly recorded through a camera. If no camera is turned on, the case can be dismissed. The field sobriety tests and breathalyzer tests can also be challenged.

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